Oct 26

How Affordable Is It to Replace Your Windows?

Replacing your windows can seem like a painful and annoying experience, but unfortunately it is something that just needs to be done sometimes.

It is important however, to keep your windows in shape because they close out the elements from your home. Windows in need of replacement tend to let in moisture and let in the outside air, increasing your energy bill by making your HVAC unit work hard to keep the house at the desired temperature.

Problems that lead to window replacement include glass breakage and deterioration which can lead to sagging or soft frames and moisture in between the panes. These problems can lead to higher energy bills because of the work your HVAC unit has to do to keep up with a non-temperature controlled household. This is the most important factor when selecting a window replacement, because energy-efficient windows can be seriously hard to come by.

How Affordable is Window Replacement?

Your local window contractor should have no problem making window replacement affordable. Many quotes end up being less than $100 per month which can be a minor expense when managed well. For a lot of quotes, this will end up costing around $3 a day, which is around the price of a small coffee per day from your local coffee shop.

Window replacement can also save you a lot of money by upgrading to high energy-efficiency windows. These energy-efficient windows can drastically lower your energy bill by making your home require your HVAC unit less because the temperature in the house will be much more regulated and easier to control.

Here at Midwest Window and Door we make sure that your window replacement is a smooth and affordable process that you might not be happy to start, but will be very glad when it is over.

For any questions about window replacement or window repair, call Midwest Window and Door today!

Oct 26

What Are the Benefits of Replacing Old Windows?

Replacing a window can seem stressful, but selecting a good window replacement and installation contractor can make this process seamless and leave you with a brand new window.

Does My Window Need to be Replaced?

There are many reasons to get a window replaced but there are a few situations where a window repair would suffice, such as chips and scratches. These can be fixed with simple window repair techniques rather than a replacement.

Signs you need a window replacement include:

  • A droopy or sagging frame
  • The frame or sills are soft
  • Moisture in between glass panes
  • The window is not sliding into frame properly
  • The locks will not latch

If you notice any of these signs on any of your windows, it may be time for a window replacement. When searching for a window contractor, every company should be able to give you their windows’ energy efficiency ratings and give you many options to suit the exterior of your home and the kind of window that you want.

At Midwest Window and Door we make sure that you receive high-quality windows with stress-free installation at an affordable cost. We make sure that you have access to all high-quality windows for your window replacement from top window manufacturers. 

Many energy efficient window replacement options will be able to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, keeping your energy bill down. Some windows offer coating to reduce sunlight into your home and keep the quality of your furniture, walls, and floors the same as when you got them.

Midwest Window and Door will ensure that you pick the window replacement option that best suits your needs and will be built to last. Pick the window contractor that wants to help you above all else.

For any questions regarding window replacement or repair, call Midwest Window and Door today!