Door Replacement

First Impressions are everything! Real estate first impressions are no different. What does your front door say about your home or business? What type of first impression are you making on your guests or customers? At Midwest Window & Door, we specialize in door replacement and door installation. If your door is older and showing its age, looks aren’t the only thing it’s giving off. New energy saving technology is available now when you invest in a new door. So, your door replacement doesn’t just look good, it’s saving you money. Lowering your heating and cooling bill while increasing the security to your home or business is just an added bonus of a door installation with Midwest Window & Door. 

If you’re in the market for a door replacement for your home or business, there are several factors you’ll want to consider. 

  1. Style – realizing no matter what style of door you go with, you’ll also want to keep in mind, security and energy efficiency. Yes, there is a difference! 
  2. Door Materials
    1. Fiberglass – energy efficient, low maintenance. Color can be painted easily if desired. 
    2. Wood – beautiful and customizable. Do require continuing maintenance to keep color protected. Storm door may be required if not covered by porch or overhang. 
    3. Steel – Cost effective and durable. Can rust if not properly maintained. 
  3. Locks – locks come with a grade rating for security. Pay close attention to what your area needs and budget accordingly on top of door cost. 
  4. Warranty – be sure to discuss with your install team. Manufacturers and Installers vary in warranty length and coverage. 

You’ll also want to consider the installer you use. Door replacement and installation is a very precise line of work. A professional installer is highly recommended. We know the cost of a door is expensive, but replacing a brand new door with another brand new door because it was measured wrong or just doesn’t fit, is not a fun place to find yourself as a DIY’er. Our team of trained and experienced installers take pride in every job we do. We want you to be able to tell your neighbors and friends what a great job we did for your home or business with a door installation. Give us a call today to see how easy we can give your home or business a new first impression!