Window Repair


When looking for window repair, Midwest Window & Door is THE place to be, specifically for repair! A lot of contractors and installers will push you to just purchase new windows. And yes, there is a time and place for that to happen. Our goal, though, is to take care of our customers. We know cost is an issue. New windows are expensive! If you’re trying to decide between repair or replacement, make sure you’re talking with one of our team members for an honest evaluation and recommendation. 

We are Omaha’s most trusted home improvement company. We pride ourselves on taking care of our neighbors. Number one rule: honesty and integrity in all of the work we do and recommend. We do install new windows from Pella, Andersen, PlyGem and Simonton and we are one of the only Pella Certified Window Contractors in Omaha. So, if you’re considering window repair or window installation of new windows, Midwest Window & Door would be honored to have your business. 

Here are some factors to consider:

When to Repair When to Replace


  • Cracked or broken glass
  • Broken mullions on single pane
  • Slow or stuck window sashes
  • Exterior drip cap damage
  • Exterior window case damage
  • Minor water leaks
  • Fog or condensation inside
  • Broken or damaged interior mullions
  • Structural damage or issues
  • Major water leaks

Having a trained, licensed and insured installer evaluate your windows will give you peace of mind knowing you made the best decision for your home. Window repair or window installation is a big decision. Let our team take you through the process and explain all options available to you. Ask about our warranties and our referrals. We want to add you to our list of happy customers who can verify our good work. Give us a call today to discuss your window repairs.